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Section 2:
The Beginning of Implications

Here we begin to look into the way the Flatlander views his world.  By describing his perception within a 2D space-time and extrapolating up through 3D, we arrive at our own experience of 4D space-time.  Observer-based sphericality applies throughout, rendering our universe a 4-Dimensional hypersphere and appearing to show that the Cosmological Principle is no mere assumption.

A mechanism I refer to as the ‘magic treadmill’ is introduced, demonstrating by the same process of Flatland extrapolation that our 4th Dimension is geometrically the same as our other three dimensions.  Its apparent difference is shown to be the result of our viewpoint within the dimensional structure.  Thus the groundwork is laid for the application of a logical and geometrically consistent dimensional framework to the whole of reality.

Chapter 8


Chapter 9

Finite and Edgeless

Chapter 10

The Cosmological Principle

Chapter 11

The Magic Treadmill of Time

Chapter 12

All Strung Out

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