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A bit about me...


Born in Edinburgh in 1957, my childhood was filled with reading – the Children’s Britannica, Time/Life Books, Marvel Comics (esp. Superman), the Topper, the Valiant, the Iliad, the exploits of Jim Corbett, the Dunlop Book of Facts – a childhood romance with Palaeontology and Astronomy culminating in the study of Maths and Physics at the University of Aberdeen (sadly not completed), and a career in computing and design.

In March 2012, I was struck quite suddenly by the (commonly recognised) idea of the 4th Dimension as a stacking-up of 3D snapshots of the ‘moment now’.  By a process of extensive reading, research, and intensive thinking this developed into the wholly original dimensional structure as described in this book, which is based firmly on the straightforward geometrical principles of EA Abbott’s 1884 classic,

  Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions.


I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this book.  It has been an exciting journey of discovery filled with surprises at every turn and I sincerely hope this comes across so that the reader may accompany me and share the experience.  Although much of the book constitutes an attempt to describe existing knowledge in Flatland geometrical terms, all that I would consider new emerged over the 5-year writing process (which was a bit like trying to contain an octopus in a string bag) and I am as surprised as anyone – somewhat freaked out if I'm honest – at the sheer number of mysteries which find a logical explanation within the structure, appearing simply to ‘fall out’ of the paradigm. 

Of course all this remains to be seen – and my efforts will now be focussed in that direction – but I do have full confidence in what I have written, because the dimensional structure I present is logical, being above all consistent and free from arbitrary fixes, and, although dipping occasionally into theology, firmly rooted in the physics of our day – all of which would indicate, to me at least, that it may be worthy of further investigation. 

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