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Section 1:
Flatland and Science


The first section begins with an overview of EA Abbott’s 1884 classic, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, on which the whole book is based.  This should save the reader, if preferred, from having to read Flatland.  I then extract from Flatland a set of basic principles at work within a simple and consistent geometrical structure of points, lines, planes, etc.  In this crystallised form we will be able to explore their application to the world.

A discussion follows on the subject of the 4th Dimension which funnels down into the current scientific picture, with emphasis on the problem scientists face with the difference between the temporal dimension (time) and the ‘usual three’ of space (length, width and height).  This is met by the introduction of the idea that these dimensions we take so much for granted could in fact simply be representations of something more fundamental.


Chapter 1

2D, or Not 2D?

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

In Principle

Chapter 4

The 4th Dimension

Chapter 5

The Outer Limits

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

The Misfit

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