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Section 7:
The Geometry of Life


Although it is perhaps not usual for physical theories – even ‘theories of everything’ – to venture into the realms of life and consciousness, a framework appears with the introduction of the ‘dimensional axis’ which facilitates this without disturbing a consistent adherence to the principles of Flatland.  With our collective dimensional viewpoint at the level of the 4th Dimension – experienced by us all as currently stacking – the principles of Flatland themselves explain why looking upward within the structure is necessarily less precise and immeasurably more complex than looking down.

Simply by extrapolating the Flatlander’s perception, there appears a geometrical link between space-time and phenomena associated with consciousness.  Five evidences for a Flatland-based dimensional structure of life are presented:

  1. The ‘central viewpoint triad’

  2. The ‘dimensional axis’

  3. The ‘humansphere’

  4. The ‘lifetime of the universe’

  5. Newton’s ‘Great Animall’


A discussion follows on the number, nature and boundaries of those dimensions which comprise life, wherein I present my ideas on the 5th, 6th and 7th Dimensions, defining with a fair degree of precision (given the notoriously nebulous nature of the subject matter!) where and how these apply.

Chapter 43

Of Cabbages and Crystals

Chapter 44

Machine Head

Chapter 45

Escape from Flatland

Chapter 46

The Central Viewpoint Triad

Chapter 47

The Dimensional Axis

Chapter 48

The Humansphere

Chapter 49

The Universe Within

Chapter 50

All Creatures Great and Small

Chapter 51

Hunger Pang Chemistry

Chapter 52

Animal Magic

Chapter 53

Another League

Chapter 54

Lines, Planes and the Moral Compass

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