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A Series of 15 Essays summarising the central arguments relating to the spatial/temporal distinction, and the cosmological shape and observer-centric characteristics of the 4D global/3D observable universe.
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Click on the globes to read how the observer-centric universe explains the 'baffling' uniformity of the cosmic microwave-background radiation.

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If you are already familiar with the cosmological picture you may be wondering what possible reason there could be for the observer-centric model of the universe to be the one.  There are several:

  1. The model is not arbitrary, but was derived by direct extrapolation of the Flatlander’s perception of his universe as a 2D space-time.

  2. Interactive roles of 3rd and 4th Dimensions are very clearly defined, with the universe experienced as an observer-centric 3-sphere (spherical cross-section) around each space-time event within the 4-ball (hypersphere).

  3. It is the same finite 3-sphere universe described – and preferred – by Einstein, with the addition of origin/observer at Centre A/B antipodes (poles).

  4. Einstein offered the basis of this model (the 3-sphere) as the only finite alternative to infinity.

  5. Expansion of the universe is explained as Centre A/B recession at c, in keeping with Special Relativity.

  6. As a Pac-man universe, the movement of galaxies within the expansion of ‘space itself’ does not exceed the speed of light.

  7. It is experienced as flat (Euclidean) as far as the 2D equator.

  8. It has net zero gravitation, thus explaining the improbable ‘knife edge’.

  9. As gravitation is not pulling it to collapse, dark energy need not be posited as a counteracting force.

  10. ‘Negative pressures’ as the influence of the opposite demisphere are spherically equivalent at the observer therefore undetectable, increasing with distance.


In addition, lensing at the 2D equatorial surface...

  1. Explains the uniformity of the cosmic microwave-background, as it was emitted from the same source spread spherically around the 2D equatorial surface by the ‘Antarctica’ effect (thus negating the need to posit cosmic inflation).

  2. Explains the 1998 SNe Ia light anomaly, the cosmic infrared-background, and the cosmic microwave-background as the same phenomenon over distance into the opposite demisphere (thus negating the need to posit the cosmic jerk and dark energy).

  3. Suggests that, because 2D equatorial lensing is an additional cause of redshift, our age for the universe may be out by several billion years.


But best of all, the observer-centric universe...

  1. Explains gravitation as the tendency to close the ‘information lag’ by bringing the Centre B/B propagation at each point-mass into line with its experience of Centre A/B recession.

  2. Supplies an underlying theoretical reason for the Equivalence principle. [inertial/gravitational mass]


Read the relevant free chapters in PDF here and here.

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