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Section 4:
Gravitation as Diffusion


Having concluded with Einstein that ‘On the basis of the general theory of relativity,.. space...has no separate existence.’ we find by application of dimensional principles that it is the 3-Dimensional object which possesses the properties of openness associated with volume, rather than the void, (running contrary to our accustomed thinking).  Gravitation is thus described entropically as the diffusion of the lesser truespace density, or ‘3D-volume’, into the greater.

Using the analogy of the lettuce leaf, curvature of space is described in terms of simple Flatland-style cross-sections, presenting a description in terms of the ‘borrowing’ from and ‘paying back’ to the 4th Dimension (i.e. the block universe) of 3D cross-sectional ‘slices’.  Extrapolating, I encourage release from the influence of all our 2D-based analogies such as ‘the bending and twisting of the fabric’ in favour of a more volume-based visualisation of mathematical curvature.

The section concludes with an explanation in Flatland terms of how ‘quantum gravity’ may already have been achieved within a (more fundamental) dimensional structure.

Chapter 19

Openness and Diffusion

Chapter 20

The Space-Dent

Chapter 21

Happy Thoughts

Chapter 22

Quantum Gravity

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